Water bodies treatment (rivers, ponds, lakes)

Water bodies treatment (rivers, ponds, lakes)

There is no need in proving the importance of water bodies purity – lakes, rivers, ponds – they are the arteries literally ensuring vital activity of humans. As household so industrial needs require as a rule huge amounts of water. But, unfortunately, it returns to nature polluted.

To recover ecosystem efficiently a little help in launching of  natural mechanism of self-purification is needed which is the stimulation of production of such active forms of elements in water as, for example, hydroxyl radical OH which is not the only guarantee of water body purity itself.

The launch of self-purification process should be maximum close to its natural analogue: the influence on water by variable electromagnetic field stimulating not only the production of purifying substances but the growth and development of biotas as well, also known as water flea with the increasing of oxygen amount in the form of babstons (nanobubbles which are 7-9 nm in diameter).

Such process improves the growth and development of fish and crustaceans. It happens with the suppression and elimination of cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) the population of algols is regulated, the growth of endemic water body microorganisms that process sludge is improved providing the near-bottom crustaceans and fish with food and motivation for active reproduction which means ecological balance of water body is recovering.

This is exactly how unique Russian Kristall plants for electromagnetic treatment and correction of water bodies work.

Configuration data sheet for ordering of water bodies treatment plant